Energy efficient doors in Downriver Michigan

Energy efficient doors in Downriver Michigan

Energy efficient doors in Downriver Michigan

Saving money is something we all strive to do as homeowners.  That’s why we make improvements to our property, adding updates so things will work more efficiently. If your windows always stick, having them replaced would be an improvement. There are things you can do to the exterior and interior of your home to making life easier, and help lighten your bills as well. Large items such as your roof are important to look at because it there are leaks or missing shingles your home won’t be adequately covered.  Other areas like doors are ones that often get forgotten about – some property owners think the type of doors you have don’t matter much when it comes to bottom line money saving, however, that is not true.  Doors that aren’t installed correctly may allow a bunch of air to escape, making your heater or air conditioning units work twice as hard.  All that double work leads to higher gas and electricity bills. Adkins & Sons, located in Southgate MI, is here to tell you the type of doors you have do make a difference. And unless you enjoy paying more than you have to for energy, it’s time to call us so we can examine your current home and door inventory.

We are experts in door replacement, door inspections, door installation and door repairs. We service and install:

  • Storm doors
  • Patio doors
  • Front or entry doors and wood doors
  • Bi-fold doors, multi-sliding doors and sliding doors
  • Seal entry doors
  • French (hinged) doors
  • Fiberglass doors

If you found a one-of-a-kind door in a home improvement magazine or on a TV show, tell us about it, because we specialize in custom door orders.

No runaround

We’re serious about keeping you as a customer, that’s why we won’t disappoint you by leaving you on hold for half an hour, showing up late for an inspection, or not returning your phone call. We offer the fastest appointments possible and the best delivery available in your local town.  Your business is important to us, that’s why we make sure every person we hire is totally certified, licensed and insured.

We’ll measure all your doors precisely and analyze them for leaks, damage, and drafts. Next, we will provide you with the most energy efficient doors in Downriver Michigan. That’s what we do at Atkins & Sons, all day long – install, maintain and repair doors, and we source them from the best manufacturers including Pella and Trapp. We also have partnerships with Therma Tru and ProVia.  Because we’re endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s list, you know you can trust us. We take our customer service and feedback very seriously, so when we receive exceptional reviews we’re honored and motivated to keep up the good work.

Door damage from bad storms, hail, ice formations, heavy rain, snow, tornadoes, fires and other catastrophes can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. If you ever ended up buying a door off the shelf of one of those local home improvement stores you may not have realized how to install it properly, and if that’s the case, the frame and sealing won’t be adequate.

It never hurts to set up a free inspection and estimate

We’d love to come out to your home in Downriver MI so we can show you how energy efficient doors can be real money savers. The money you save could pay for a new car, computer, or family trip.  The main point is it’s money wasted if it’s going through your door’s gaps and crevices. It’s so easy to begin, just call Adkins & Sons at 734-548-9925 and speak to one of our seasoned door installers. They’ll tell you about our warrantees, guarantees, financing plans and giant showroom. Then you’ll be set up for a free in-home consultation. If you’re in need of a new door due to weather or some other problem, we’re proud to provide 24/7 Emergency Door Replacement Services. We’re ranked the #1 building contractor in your neck of the woods.  We have over 25 years of experience fixing and replacing doors, and are known for installing doors that are top quality and energy efficient. Our doors are secure and will keep your family safe, while at the same time allow you put cash back in your pocket. A win-win!


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